Peepin’ In

If you peep in the windows of the Welch house on a Wednesday night you would see…..

I am making Wayne a box of mac and cheese for supper. It is 8:30 pm. I just got home and he has patiently sat through a thirty minute liturgy of my daily happenings that begin with the commute to work, to what I had for lunch, to how long I waited in traffic. I pepper the monologue with antidotes of funny college kid stories from work, and throw in a few concerns I have about the girls.  He listens, all the while keeping up with the storyline of the Walton’s. Somehow he is able to balance my intriguing life with the episode in which John Boy races the donkey up the mountain and Grandpa drinks a little too much of the recipe. It’s magic how he finds balance.

I ask him about his day. He responds, “Fine”. And is quiet. But he is not finished. He will slowly discuss bits and pieces of his day all through the evening, and I have learned to stop and listen.

After my discourse of the day, he gives me a sweet lip curl smile and asks if I will make him something edible for dinner. I rummage through the cabinets and find a box of mac and cheese. Nutrition at it’s best. Leslie somehow smells the aroma of box meal and stumbles to the kitchen. She manages to look stunning in a ripped t-shirt and baggy sweats. With a glance and a lip curl smile akin to her father, she charms me into splitting this sumptuous meal into halves for her.  She slinks back to no man’s land, at least it better be NO MAN’s land for now, and I follow her with a good night, for I know it may be days before I see her again.

Ginny has been tapping away on her laptop in her room finishing up homework and updating her status as needed, maintaining the balance of academic excellence and social networking. It’s a skill.  A solid white fur ball of a cat purrs next to her on the bed and somehow the world seems right as a girl pets her cat, texts her BFF and puts the finishing touches on her algebra homework….all at once. She is diligent at all of it, but takes half a second to flash me a smile and echoes”love you too” when I open up the door to send in my nighttime love and kisses.

It’s an ordinary Wednesday night. We are doing the same thing families all over the world are doing. But we are different. These are my people. They belong to me. I love their lip curl smiles and “I love yous” .  

I will follow Wayne to bed and with the window cracked, yes, on a February night in Georgia, I will listen to crickets. Just as we drift off, I remember to tell him about the deer in the yard as I drove up tonight. I feel him smile in the dark. He loves it that I remember to tell him.  And I love him, and them, and this ordinary Wednesday night.

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