I believe in love

I’m not cynical when it comes to love. Maybe it’s because I have been loved by a wonderful man.  He’s not particularly romantic, but he has shown me what true love really is. It’s not necessarily flowers and candy that make you feel loved, although he did give me some pecan chocolate clusters that we will hide from the girls and munch on in bed for the next few nights. It’s the steady day by day life that grows love.  How do you make it twenty years together and realize you are the best of friends? You understand that romance, while needed by every woman, is not necessarily the same as love, and I believe in love…….

….the soft milky breath of a newborn baby

…..the squeeze of his hand over mine while we ride down the road

……first kisses

……love letters

……hearts that hurt when there are miles between us

……talking late into the night…me talking, him listening.

……laughing and laughing.

……rocking on the front porch and talking about nothing…and everything

……nicknames…..”baby” and “honeybunny”

……knowing you are there when times are hard and you don’t especially like me, but you love me.

…….watching two beautiful girls drive away, knowing they are a part of me and you.

I believe in love and, Mr. Welch, I believe in you.


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