Goodbye Whitney

I remember clearly standing in from of my bathroom mirror, hairbrush in hand belting out, “You Give Good Love”  like it was yesterday. I recorded everyone one of her songs off the Z107.9 Lovesongs FM stations to a blank cassette tape. That’s how we “downloaded ” music back in the day. I popped that tape in my SONY Walkman and ran to those tunes until I had memorized every word.

I soothed my first heartbreak with, “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”

I remember listening to her song, “Greatest Love of All” while I wrote Wayne love letters on my college bunk bed. 

Her voice was golden.  Now that was beautiful music, something the likes of Brittany Spears and Lady Gaga have no concept.  I loved her music and will automatically turn her way up when my Sirius XM is set on the 80’s station.

She’s not the first star to succumb to the slipper slope of substance abuse, and “but for the Grace of God,’ I would too. So today we choose not to cast stones, but say, “Whitney you gave us some good music.”

In celebration of a tragic ending to a beautiful voice, I lift my hairbrush and sing, “Saving All my Love for You”


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  1. John Herring

    Poor daughter. My business partner was her neighbor and his son was good friends with her. He also lost his mom to alcohol and xanax. It’s heartbreaking to see these kids go through this. I couldn’t imagine what those kids are going through.

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