Don’t stop believing…..

Awww Journey…..One of your best……

Thought of these words often this week.  Are you ever tempted to “stop believing”?  I guess we all do. Maybe it gets tiresome trudging through the same day-to-day battles.  Maybe hope is hanging on by a thread.  Maybe it seems just too blatantly impossible.  At this point you have come to realize that you cannot change people.

Don’t stop believing…….there is One who can change the unchangeable heart.

Don’t stop believing …….He is rest for the weary and He is not ready for you to give up now.

Don’t stop believing…….He can work miracles, you just don’t believe Him for it anymore. You call it self-protection, He calls it unbelief.

Don’t stop believing…..He put you right here, right now for ministry. You are not too old, too tired, too young. He has not designed us to be a reservoir, but a well-spring. Big difference.

I know. I kept believing. I thought it was impossible. It was not. I saw the slightest movement. I called it a miracle. That is what it was and is. A miracle. My miracle.


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