Good therapy

I spent all weekend Wayne in the North Georgia mountains. Lynn and Craig joined us. My favorite foursome in all the world. When the four of us are together it’s good therapy.

Craig drove us all over the mountains in that pretty red truck of his.  The boys sat in the front and us girls, well we sat in the back and laughed and laughed until we cried.  No one enjoys life more than my sister Lynn. It was good therapy.

On Saturday afternoon, it rained and rained. We ate good food, watched good movies and napped. No one worked. No one worried about much except where we would eat dinner. Total relaxation.  It was good therapy.

We drove through the mountains and looked at cabins. We dreamed about building one ourselves….one day…when there are grandbabies to entertain in the creek that runs by.  We talked about the little country store that Lynn and I will run full of ice cold cokes, boiled peanuts and fresh produce. We talked about how the boys will go fishing all day.  It was good therapy.

We spent the mornings cooking a big breakfast, and talking about our lives. I love to hear all about Lynn’s life, her friends, the kids, now grown and away. It’s times like now I catch up on their lives too.  I told her about the girls. She listens, throws in a bit of advice that I snatch up. She’s already done what I’m doing now and I take great comfort in knowing she did a good job of it. And we laugh. Mostly we laugh. And it’s good therapy.

I sit in te big comfy chair, balance my coffee and knit. I listen to the boys snoring. The TV groans quietly in the background. Talk of football. They both  nap and I enjoy this moment. These two men work harder than anyone I know. But not today. Today they doze and I’m glad. It’s good therapy.

Before we know it, it’s time to head home.  Sometimes the best therapy is to stop, head for the hills and enjoy the slow pace.  Sometimes the best therapy for the work weary is time spent with people you love. People that love you back.  Sometimes the best thing you can do laugh hard, sleep well, eat good and love family. 



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