I miss the Halls

If you are willing, and you want to learn more and do more in Kingdom work, God brings people into your life to teach you. There are no formal lessons, no chalkboard, (although I have seen Andy diagram a doctrinal idea on a napkin to help me understand a concept), no tests or quizzes but oh the things I have learned. Things of eternal value.

Andy introduced me to John Piper. This opened my heart and mind to the art of meditating and thinking through some deeper things of God. Admittedly, I was  a bit of a lazy believer. Content to scratch the surface of the Bible with my spiritual rake, Andy came along and showed me how to use a spiritual shovel instead.  With patience, practice and lots of questions from me, he taught me how to begin to dig into Scripture and unearth treasures. 

He would answer my questions with a question, and off I would go to search out an answer.  And I began to understand what Robin meant when she told me that Scripture is life. It is breath, It is bread and drink.

We traipsed across the world to Macedonia. Robin and I shared secrets, burdens, promised to be friends forever, but the sweetest memory I share is hand in hand walking the streets of villages in those mountains and prayerwalking.  When you do ministry with people, especially a mission trip half way around the world, you share sacred memories. I remember she and I knelt by a toothless girl and as Robin prayed a blessing over her, I knew at that moment, that  God had a sovereign plan for that little girl. I will not be surprised when we see her in heaven one day.

I miss you Robin and Andy. I miss talking about TULIP and free will of man. I miss Robin reciting, word-perfect, passages of Ephesians, complete with hand gestures. Then she would patiently listen to me stumble through my verses in the “Welch” Standard Version.

I am so glad that God knew I needed you two. I am so glad that you always encouraged, sometimes confronted me to press into Christ. I am so glad that our love for missions and the unreached spurred us to go around the world and across the street. I am so glad, Robin,that even now, you will send a text to encourage me. I am so glad, Andy,that I can still pick your brain about a random passage I read, how I can’t make it fit together with a verse over here. I am so glad that time and space don’t dissolve friendships.

I am so glad that we will minister together again….this summer….in Brazil.  I dug out my passport and UNO cards this afternoon. I need to clean up the old Chacos.  I am starting fundraising this week.It’s time to get going.


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