Things inside my mind while running 16 miles this morning

Ya’ll it’s a circus in there, especially on a long morning run. What’s that? You’d like to know exactly what goes through my mind when my running partners, Leah and Bonnie force me to run at 6am in the morning?

1.I am so cold, my toes are numb. It’s so cold the stupid dog at house #2 won’t even come out and bark at us. either that, or he has gotten hit as a result of his obsession with car tires.  My nose is running now. Man it’s cold! How far behind me is Bonnie so I can safely blow this snot?

2.Look at that sunrise! God is whispering to me to stick in it for the long haul today.

3.So should I do red with blond highlights today, or brown? Should I chunk up the bangs?  will Wayne mistake me for Kiera Knightly with my hair short? It’s a risk I’m willing to take.

4. Wonder if the girls will judge me if I stop for water at the 1.5 mile marker? Dang it .They just ran right past it. Doggone Wilkinson County girls. They probably won’t think about water until mile 11.

5. I smell sausage biscuits. I’m hungry.

6.It’s a tossup between Mark Driscoll and Matt Chandler. Today I am glad I chose Matt Chandler. I’m in the mood for sarcasm.

7.Let me count these hills so I can smile when I hit the last one on the way back.

8.When I’m 70 and running, will me knees still crackle or will they be so shot, the bones will just glide across each other?

9. Are sunrises on this side of the county prettier because of the reflection off the water, or because of all the exhaust from Georgia Power?

10. I am promising myself right now that I will stretch my hamstrings every night this week before bed, and I will only drink water until the race. *Grin* I know I’m a liar.

11. “SexyBack” is the best running up a hill song ever. I’m sure Matt Chandler will understand switching my playlist when I hit the hills.

12.We have no milk in the fridge.

13. I am so hungry. Would I puke if I ate a corn dog when I get through?

14. Only three more songs to go until we hit the water stop. I can do this. I got this.

15. Will I ever run again after this race? I think I’ll take a month off. Nah, just two weeks.

This is only skimming the surface of the deep thoughts on a brilliant Saturday morning. We finish and I realize that three strong women have finished 16 long miles,  and although my legs and lungs are tired, my mind never slowed down for a second.


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