Sunday night: it’s the new Friday night

Forever I have declared Friday night my favorite night of the week. The whole weekend was in front of me.  We usually had dinner out, even if it was Chik Fil A,  I knew I was not cooking. friday night was my night to unwind and relax and I long esteemed it the best night of the week. But that has changed…….

Sunday night, it’s the new Friday night. I have fallen in love with Sunday nights. I know, the new work week is just around the corner. I know, the stretch of weekend is coming to an end. But I love the new Sunday night.

When our Pastor Andy introduced Lifegroups last summer, I admit, I was skeptical. What about this new fangled idea of meeting in people’s houses? I fell in love!  The great doubter became a great believer. I love Lifegroups on many levels. I have learned to love some people I would not have otherwise ever had, or taken the time, to meet in corporate worship.  I love that when Matt, our leader, breaks down a verse, we all get insight from others. Time spent in the Word means we have turned it inside out and really learned it.

Our lifegroup decided to meet on Saturday nights. Wait…what? Can you do church on another night beside Sundays? Why we’ve never done that before!  The next thing you know we’ll be trying to meet somewhere besides the church, like a neighborhood, or a park. Whoever heard of such a thing?

One of the byproducts of this is now my Sundays have been revolutionized! Morning worship is so enjoyable. I squeeze out every drop of goodness from every aspect of Connect service. Then I go to my Mom’s and enjoy a big meal. After eating and just enjoying being together we head home for a wonderful Sunday afternoon nap. Sabbath rest is about just that, rest. Recharge. Taking time to BE in His presence. Enjoying the blessing of family in a slowed down version of the busy week we live through.  I usually cook a big meal, one I never have time to cook through the week.  It’s the kind of meal that cooks in the oven or on the stovetop all afternoon and fills the house with all sorts of wonderful smells.  Tonight was ham, collard greens and macaroni and cheese. On nights like tonight, I spend time with my baby girl, talking about nothing in particular, but enjoying every minute of the goodness of being together.  We are not sitting in His house, yet He is here. Fresh from the offering of praise to Him this morning, our hearts are tender all day in His presence.  And on a Sunday night, I realize that He  wants this relationship with me so much more than my hurried scattered religious activity.  He comes near to me and we visit.

I’m glad the rush of activity has been replaced with the pleasure of relationships, from new friends, to a renewed Love with Him.  I am glad to shake off chains of long held ideas that I find sometimes only serve to complicate the simplest of all relationships. New and wonderful pleasures await those that dare to to live in faith and freedom.

And that is why I love Sunday nights!


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One response to “Sunday night: it’s the new Friday night

  1. Buddy

    Thank you for sharing in such a wonderful and peaceful way a new
    experience of worship, koinania, and growth. My prayer is that many
    more of us will learn from your sharing your experiences with us.

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