You gotta know when to hold’em..know when to fold’em

Kenny Rogers ( before the plastic surgery fiasco) said it best. He advised that there is in fact a time when you hold ’em…. Nothing worse than a knee jerk reaction. It won’t only ruin a poker game, but can cause havoc in your personal life. Relationships take time. Patience is key. You can’t rush a good thing.

Know when to fold ’em……..Nothing worse than holding on to something past it’s prime. Nothing more humbling than knowing you have tried to sustained a one-sided relationship for too long. Nothing more freeing than saying goodbye, even if it’s not heard by the other party, they left a long time ago. Sometimes their body is still there but their emotion has left a while back. Fold ’em friend, it’s a losing hand.

Know when to walk away……. nothing better than realizing that you can walk away from a situation, a circumstance and you are better for it.  You breathe a sigh of relief as you realize what you thought you could never do, what you thought you could not make it without, has actually been sucking the life right out of you.  As you walk away your feet feel lighter, a smile crosses your lips. You aren’t alone, you can see that there are new opportunities waiting on you.

Know when to run………..Nothing scarier than realizing if you don’t run away, it will destroy you.  There is no time for thinking or analyzing. Turn around now, and run for all your worth. Don’t take the time to look back. Sometimes that’s the only way, for a conversation would only draw you back in.

Who would think that Kenny could bring such deep life meaning from a gambling song? Hmmm he does know how to turn a lyric, and well, it always makes me smile when I hear  Wayne sing “Lady” to me.


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