Matthew Carter Brown

Welcome to our world Carter. You made your entrance a little less dramatic than your big brother, but are welcomed with just as much love.  I know it’s loud and bright compared to the warm little Mama cocoon you’ve been used to, but I think you’ll really like it here.

Your brother cannot wait to get his hands on you, and I predict that before this time next week, he will have poked your eyes, held you by one of your arms, or your head and told you to “hush your crying” at least seventeen times. He will beat you up, make you cry, and tell you are “too little” many times in the next few years, but he will also be your protector, teacher of all sorts of things good and bad, and best friend.  He does not know tonight, but he’s always wanted a  little brother just like you and you are the best thing that has happened in his three years of life so far.

You dad is a treasure. You are a blessed little dude to be a Brown. Don’t come better than him.  If you listen and watch, he will show you how to be a good man. And I guess there’s not a bigger compliment in my book.

You Mama, well she has waited for this day for a while. She’s an old pro by now, and don’t tell her this, but I have a feeling she is really  going to enjoy you. She knows what she’s doing this time around and I can see her just realxing and soaking in your sweetness. Your brother is her miracle, and you my sweet friend, are her treasure. You are God’s grace revealed.  You make the ordinary extraordinary, and based on your stubbornness to put your head where it belonged over the last few weeks, I’m thinking you may have her stubborn streak.

Tonight I speak a blessing over you. Fresh from heaven some say. I believe that you are God’s message of grace. May you complete every good work He has begun in you today. Welcome to our world on this cold windy Thursday. We love you!


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