One surefire way to chase away the blues is to focus on the reasons to be thankful. You are soon to find that the things that bring us joy are often simple and sometimes complicated but always surrounds us when we look with eyes of gratitude.

So this morning, when I felt the blues tugging on my hem as I shuffled around in the kitchen making coffee, I decided to begin my focus on thankfulness.

Hot coffee and quiet moments  when the rest of the house sleeps. It is just me, in Wayne’s big chair wrapped in a soft fleece blanket, a gift from my sweet friend Christine that has become a favorite on cool mornings. And I am thankful as I read a few lines of Galatians 2.

A quick stop at Starbucks with a gift card from my little songbird. I will let myself enjoy the extra caffeine this morning and whisper a thank you to sweet little Cason.

I talk on the phone with my friend Lauren. She will be a mother for the second time in  few days. She laughs as we talk, but it does not disguise the nervousness in her voice. I can hear it, and remember the feeling. She is not sure how it will all work out, but she sighs and then I know that she knows, it will somehow. I love her and I tell her that. and she tells me she loves me too. I am thankful.

In the midst of work chaos, I look over at my friends, because they are not coworkers to me, but friends and we laugh over a little something someone has just said.  I look out the window in front of my desk and realize that I am so thankful for this place. I don’t dread work. I mostly feel like it is a second home now all these years later. Thankful.

I tell one of my dearest friends this afternoon that I am stressed and feel like I am losing my mind. She never bats an eye, but simply says, “Lets’ go get coffee.”  She knows me and mostly she cares. We will sit and sip coffee and talk, and I will feel better when we are through, though nothing much will have changed, everything seems different when a friend listens So thankful.

I run a hard uphill run on an asphalt track after work. It hurts to climb the hill. I run with my Samantha. She is young and lean and runs like the wind while I trudge along, winded. But at the end, I am finished and the sweat rolls down my face and mixes with rain now falling mellowing the salt.  I am glad I can run, and I am glad I am tired… too tired to even think.

Wayne calls me on the way home. He lets me tell him how to get supper started. When I walk in the door I smell the beginnings of a hot supper and my stomach growls to remind me of the hours that have passed since lunch. I am so thankful for this man and what he has done in the few minutes before I come in the door.

And now, I will go lie in my bed and knit. The last few hours of this day are here, and I quietly think over the reasons I have to be thankful.  There are many. Some are simple, others much deeper but all are enough to whisper my “thank You” to the Father as I roll over for the night.


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