Well of course I make New Years Resolutions. Only a coward would not push themself towards being more, doing better, stretching beyond their present stagnant limits.

Attaining these resolutions is not as vital as the act of stretching to reach the goal. The very act of dreaming of where you want to be leaves you energized to be more than you are  at this point in time. To be satisfied, completely satisfied is to die a little death.

And so in 2012 I am resolved to:

1. Run more and talk about it less. I will run a marathon in March and November, and a half in May. I will not bore you with endless discourses on how my run went, unless you read my blog and then I do not make any promises that I will not recount at least a run once in a while.

2. Kiss my sweet husband everyday, and nag him much less. In this union, he is the better half. Infinitely patient, asking very little of me, he is a great joy in my life. Did I tell him this today or just assume that he knows what he means to me?

3. Knit socks for those I love. Or a washcloth. Or a scarf. Please tell me you love it, because if you receive it from me, know that I love you very much.

4. Give something away whenever I receive something I love.  Please God, release me from greed. Let things flow easily through my hands. Don’t let me be a hoarder, but a giver. For to accumulate much at all, tempts my weak flesh to love it more than I should.

5. Surround myself by people who love God more than I do. I need to learn to desire Him more than my daily bread. How do I do that unless I see it in those who pour out their life as an offering?

6. Listen to my girls. Really listen. Then tell them they are loved, without any conditions. Really loved. It is so much more important to understand than to be understood.

7. Swap good books titles with my many reader friends, even the ones I forget turn books to (Ms. Sally, I love you!) I may not read them all this year, but the excitement I feel when my sister text me the title of her latest read makes me promise myself a few stolen minutes tonight of good reading. To love a book is a treasure.  To love to read, is a gateway to another world.

8. Enjoy the sunrise and get up earlier to see more of them.  Nothing demonstrates the vastness of the Creator, or defines the smallness of me like a breathtaking, blazing sunrise. 

So those of you who do not bother with a resolution, you will surely reach your goals. The rest of us, foolish to reach for lofty goals will probably fall in the process, but for tonight, I am thinking of where I want to be in 364 more days.  To never resolve is to declare satisfaction in complacency. I would rather reach, stretch, go beyond what I think I can.

As my pastor told me this morning, ” a truly spiritual person, lives beyond the realm of what is comfortable. Those that live beyond, give beyond and serve beyond what they think they can manage, truly see God’s work in their life.”

Thanks for the reminder Pastor Andy. In fact, I will resolve to live by faith this year.


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