Goodbye 2011

Tonight we say goodbye to 2011, a pretty good year. While we had some bumps and detours, and nearly ran off the road a few times, it has been a wonderful ride.

Some days there were magnificent sunrises that greeted me as I ran around Lakeport Rd.  Many a long training run beat out on the asphalt of that road. Paid off when I finished not just my first half, but first full marathon in 2011. In that, I learned to push myself, farther than I think I can go.

Big Girl graduated from high school and went away to college….and came back home. This was the year that I learned the value of letting her make her own decisions. She sees the world differently than I do. And I am blessed on the days I see it through her eyes.

Baby Girl, well isn’t really a baby any more. She is an entrepreneur of child care and is making decisions about where she wants to go and what she wants to do.  In her gentle way, she leaves a trail of compassion wherever she goes.

Wayne has taught me the most in 2011. He has taught me to take life as it comes. Never to despair in hard times, to be flexible enough to change and grow with adversity. 2011 has brought new ideas and goals for him. I love that he is eternally optimistic to match my worry.  His smile meets my anxiety.  This year, like so many others, I felt his hand on mine as he said, “Everything’s gonna be fine, baby.”

I learned that there are friends that will love you always. I learned that there are some people who will use you for their own gain, and that love of family runs deep.  I learned that love of friendship has no age barriers, and that sometimes, people don’t really want to hear your troubles but rather, want you to solve theirs.  I learned that a dog  really is a wonderful companion.

I spent more time with God this year, decided to go to a new level with Him, and promptly fell down a cliff on the way to this new height. He caught me, but not before I was skinned up a bit. He whispered to me, ” I did not say this would be easy….only worth it.”

I welcomed two beautiful twin nieces. The miracle for my baby sister still fresh. Spent precious time with my sisters that I tuck away in my heart.

I  repaired some damaged relationships and learned to let others go. I learned to forgive and even more, how to receive forgiveness. 

Welcome 2012. Many lessons to by learned on your pages. Races to be run, books to be read, socks to be knitted.  On the days of this year, I will let my daughters go a little more, and hold their daddy a little tighter.  I will learn to listen to my friends a little better, and love them deeper.

I will go to a higher level with God. I trust Him despite my skinned knees.  His grip is tight, there are new heights to climb.


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