Seasons Change

It’s cold. I sip my hot coffee while looking out over the morning frost. Tiny ice crystals form on most everything and as Wayne walks back to the house I see his breath as white puffs. Winter. I claim it as my favorite season. Somehow the beauty of  a blanket of snow can cover most anything and turn it into a breathtaking landscape.  Winter brings us in early where  the soup is warm and a fire thaws us.  The cold puts the plants and even animals to sleep, where they rest and regenerate for the growing season.  The sun is more brilliant in the winter. And when it hides from us, we brave the cold rainy days with inside things like puzzles and books and hot coffee.

Every season brings beauty, as well as hardships. On a cold December morning, we long for the warmth of a July evening, but forget that July left us scorched and dry. No rain for weeks and the ground cracked under our feet. When we wish for the scent of a spring flower, we know that a spring awakens every pollen bearing plant until we are driven indoors with puffy eyes and sneezing noses.

And so we learn the value of the day, the season in which we find ourselves. I sit and take in the beauty of this cold winter morning. I know that contentment in this season will allow me to see the beauty of today. For this season will not last forever. It will give way to warmer days. Days that will not allow me the solitude of a cold quiet morning, but will push me up and out into the spring sun. But I will not wish for that today. Today I will enjoy the beauty of where I am, who is with me. I will not think of yesterday or look for tomorrow, but simply BE in today. This season.


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