Post Christmas run

The day of reckoning arrived today. I have eaten with abandon knowing fully well that there was a long run in my future. Leah and I already planned to do 8 today, even before we left work, because well, we know ourselves and if a concrete plan was not set, there would be too many excuses to keep us from fulfilling our marathon training plan.

It. Was. Painful. Literally. I mean I got a little bitty blister on my left heel from my sparkling new Brooks Glycerin running shoes Santa Wayne brought me. At first I ignored it, but by mile 6, I was limping a little so I walked a while. That helped to settle the nausea that seems to plague me on every long run.  The neighborhood seemed to be overrun with mutts today as well. Following Leah’s dog bite a few weeks ago, she’s a little skittish and I don’t blame her. The other down side was no ear phones and carrying my iphone the whole way. Have I ever told you how much I hate to hold something in my hands when I run? The mere thought of trying to do 8 miles without music made me weak, so I struggled through.

On the positive side, I love to run with Leah. We have even talked her sister Bonnie into joining us. I have learned not to attempt long runs without a partner and Leah is one of my favorite people to run with. She is a little faster than me, which is nice. I have to push myself at the end to keep up.

So in the end, we got through it and I was so glad I did it.  Marathon training doesn’t care about Christmas day or  the smorgasboard of sugar overload that I have been partaking of.  8 miles has no sympathy. No whining about blisters or side cramps.

And when I got home and stood under the blistering hot shower I was so glad I got to make that big X over today’s run. Finished, over, completed. I triumphed. Tomorrow is a rest day and I am psyching myself up for the 10 miler on Saturday. Leah and Bonnie are hard-core. There is no telling where in the world in Wilkinson County I may end up.  But I know that if the dogs eat us up, we are all in it together……and that in itself may give me the push I need to outrun those girls.


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