New Reads

Invariably I am reading three to four books at a time. Is it my ADD? I’m not sure but somehow I enjoy juggling several books at a time and here’s what has my attention since Thanksgiving:

This has been my quiet time Bible study. It actually is a workbook to a DVD Bible study by Angela Thomas but I am doing the workbook only. To be honest, her voice gets on my nerves and I don’t really like her style of speaking, but her writing is a different  story. This particular devotional has had me crying into early morning cup of coffee. It talks about how God wants us to offer our entire selves to Him as an offering and how he can take the ordinary (us) as make it extraordinary. She also captured my attention in the chapter discussing secret prayer, secret giving and secret fasting. If you are looking for a  good devotional this won’t disappoint.

Best book on finances I’ve read in a long time. Instead of shaming you into an unrealistic budget and reinforcing, “don’t spend a dime” over and over, this book gets to the root of your relationship with money. How do you think about money? What does financial freedom mean to you?  She asks questions that make you stop and realize that at nay given time you can change your relationship with money.

My friend, Sally loaned me this book and I absolutely loved it! I read it in about two days and could not put it down. The author in so interesting, and add to it, that it is set in North Georgia, near Clayton, which is mine and Wayne most favorite place in the world. I love reading a book and knowing the places the story unfolds. If you love any type of medical story (the main character is a doctor) and love will have this book read in about two days too!

This last book has been my bedtime book. I really have had to motivate myself to start training for my next marathon in March. I find that if I really focus on running, and read some sort of biography of a runner it helps to keep me focused on what I need to do. UltraMarathoner tells the story of Dean Karnazeses. this guy is a maniac. He runs through the night! Literally! The story is so very interesting. Like most autobiographies however, the writing is less than stellar and thus the reason it is my night-time book. Stretches of the book can get a little slow or even repetitive.  Overall however, it is very inspirational. After reading a chapter every night, I make sure my alarm is set and my shoes are ready to lace up because this guy makes you want to run!

So what are you reading right now? I’m always on the hunt for a good book!

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