Minus one camera

” Mama, they stole my camera.”

They may as well have cut her hand off. She loves that camera. It is never far from her….unless she leaves it in a friends car….overnight….in Atlanta……on Georgia State Campus.

I mentally filtered the answers that ran through my head……

“What were you thinking?” but the obvious answer is she wasn’t thinking.

“Do you know how much money that camera costs?” but I know she does because she saved half of it herself.

“You’ll never see that camera again and I do not have the money to buy you another one.”  but seeing how she got a student loan to pay for books, she already knows what I will and won’t pay for.

“I told you had no business in Atlanta overnight.” but I-told-you-so’s are never very effective for anything more than causing irritation.

Instead, I take a breath, and ask her if she’s called the police.  She has, they are there, and she needs to go.

A few hours later I walk in and see my Big Girl. I hug her tight and she cries. Cameras don’t matter. They will be replaced with an extra job this summer and kept safer the next time.

I am glad that I chose a soft answer and turned away anger. I’m glad that I am holding this Big Girl and not staring in her lifeless face like other mother’s have done. I’m glad that she and Baby Girl will be laughing and fighting and icing cookies a few hours from now. I’m glad that when I woke up at 4:30 this morning and thought of her, I asked God to take care of her….and He did.


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