Happy Birthday Leah

In celebration of my beautiful sweet friend Leah, who came into this world, ummm maybe 25 years ago today, I give you my top ten reasons why I love Leah Barbee……..


10. Coffee…. Is it a nurse thing? Who knows but we love it.  If it’s not brewing when I walk in the door of the clinic, I know that by 3pm that afternoon one of us will look at the other and ask, “If I make some coffee will you drink some?”  Stupid question, but we still ask.

9. If I ask her to pray for me, she does. And He listens. And we have prayed ALOT together over many thing

8. Goober and Peanut stories.

7. “Oh wait, you gotta hear this song. Let me play it on YouTube.” and with that she usually introduces me to one of my new most favorite songs, which I then proceed to play 5,982 times until I know it by heart and we sing or hum it until I guess we both are sick of it.

6.  Leah is one of the best nurses I know.  She taught me how to suture and even let me practice on her leg! Now that is a true friend!

5. Generous. She would and has shared her lunch, scrounged up Diet Coke money, let me have the last cookie.

4.  I love it when I am working beside her, and I am busy telling her about something God is doing in my life and I look over and she is listening and crying for goodness sakes. When you talk about Jesus, she starts crying. Her heart is soft, like mashed potatoes.

3. She introduced me to protein shakes, and one summer we juiced everything we could get our hands on….and I never lost a pound.

2. Marathon training! The first time we ran together I totally dusted her, now I see the backside of her for about 10 seconds and she’s gone. We are running a marathon in March.

1. Leah, you taught me never to give up. When it’s hard, and no one, literally no one understands why in the world you don’t quit, you keep on going. There are somethings in this life that God brings us to, and brings us through. Thank you for teaching me to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. I see in you a strong and brave woman who loves her God and loves her family.

For these and many more I wish you a wonderful birthday my sweet, sweet friend! I love you!



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