On this Thanksgiving……

I’m thankful for…….

Fat laughing babies*cousins running through the woods shooting airsoft guns*white shirts and blue jeans and pictures, lot of pictures* a coffee pot that is never empty* my sister teaching me how to cook a “turkey in a bag” and  have it turn out perfect*late night movie marathons* running with my nephew and sister*kissing my Big Girl and know its only 2 weeks until she is home for the holidays* watching my Baby Girl shoot her daddy’s .22 with the boy cousins*utter chaos and cold showers* piles of towels to wash* campfires at night*snuggling with the Mr.*knowing the kids love coming to Aunt Steph’s* sitting on the front rockers and talking about the kids, college, babies and oldtimes*petting the horses with Sydney* Pumpkin rolls, pecan pie and buckeyes*quietness in my house now that everyone is gone*Wayne taking me and Ginny to eat Chinese tonight* knowing family is even better when you are grown and you are friends.




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