Why a marathon?

As of Saturday afternoon I have been asked that question several times. Truth is, I’m not for certain why I did it. I think I have an idea, but just as my brain never sits still on one topic for too long, the reasons ping around inside my mind without rhyme or reason.  Why? well maybe because…..

…..I can. I’m not sitting in a hospital with my baby waiting on a doctor to tell me my fate. I haven’t been diagnosed with cancer. I have two legs, although this didn’t seem to matter to a few brave souls running past me on prosthetic legs) No one has told me that I’m too weak, to big, to whatever to run, so I do. I run and I love it. Oh I’ve been told by lots of people, “I just can’t run, I don’t like it. How and why do you do it? What’s the point?” You see, those people don’t really understand what it means to run.

Since college, in the days when I understood that 4 laps made a mile around the soccer field behind Griffith Hall, I have learned that running is my friend. It takes me away. I may not be able to control circumstances or people, which is a wonderful realization, but I can run. And so I do. Somedays I run hard and fast, others slow and easy and take it all in.

Saturday, I ran a marathon. It was the hardest thing, besides giving birth(yes that was much harder and reward much sweeter) I’ve ever done. Why?

Wish I could tell you in a short concise answer. “Because” is about the best I can come up with and there are a million reasons.

Maybe I know that one day, I won’t be able to, although there where many people older than me pushing through the limits of their body.

Maybe I’m just not satisfied with good enough. I want more. I like to push the limits of what I can accomplish. Running points out where I am weak,where I need to work, shows me how strong I can be.

Maybe running is a free form of therapy. I’ve probably spent more time talking to God, solving problems, laughing, crying or just using up all my angry energy on long runs.   I’ve left deep dark secrets on the roads behind me. I’ve heard God tell me answers to questions and shower me with words of love, while I beat out a rhythm in my Adidas’.

Can’t really tell you the why of a marathon.  It really makes no sense to pay a fee to run 26.2 miles.  It makes no sense to push your body at mile 22 refusing to let the leg cramps stop or sideline you. It makes no sense to see total strangers give each other the thumbs up and say “You can do it, almost there.”

So I answer your question with a question……Why not a marathon?



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