Here we go…….

If you remember, last March I ran my first half marathon. I was hooked. Not a month later i was doing my best to talk Courtney into a marathon. It didn’t take much coaxing. She was as addicted to The Race as me.

So here we go, eight months later and we are ready to run the one that lots of people talk about, but few follow through with. I use the term, “we’re ready” very loosely. Courtney is young and ready. She’s done her long runs. I on the other hand did not manage to get everything in like I wanted. After my sprained ankle in June, I almost canned the whole thing, but by the end of August I was up to 3 miles and so I figured I’d give it a go.

I had big plans to lose 25 lbs. I hung the training schedule on my fridge, but somehow life just got in the way. While Court has been churning out 18 milers, I put in a solid 12 and am hoping for the best.

The thing is, I think if I don’t do it now I never will. I have learned this past month that life can totally change in a moment.  If I am upright, and able to run 12 miles, I can do a marathon. If I can give deliver a beautiful baby girl without any pain medication I can run a marathon. I got my mantra down pat; I have my shoes broken in. My Motrin is packed right next to my ipod. It’s gonna be a fun weekend. I can do this. God willing I will be running when I cross that 26.2 mile line and you, will run with me the entire way. Follow me on twitter, @waynes3girls as I make my way down the streets of Savannah Saturday morning.

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