Consider this your official reprimand

Sunday evening, after a wonderful day of family, Wayne and I sat down to a meal at Texas Roadhouse. After our order went in, I looked across the table at my love smiled at him, then picked up my cell phone and scanned my tweets.  Wayne looked at me, sighed then said “I don’t want you to get mad when I say this but,…..” at this point I knew a reprimand was coming. He always preferences his reprimands with that clause. I looked up and he had “that look” in his eyes. The look that says, “I am the man and I am taking full authority in this statement. At this point you need to listen and not say a word or things could go bad very quickly.”

After twenty years of marriage, I don’t just know “the look” ,I can interpret it, determine what I think he is about to reprimand me for, formulate a response, decide if , in fact, that response is worth verbalizing and decide whether I want to proceed, and do it all in 5.3 seconds.

By the time he took a breath to finish the next part of the sentence, I had decided I was 1) too tired to get into an argument and 2)still on my spiritual high from my ladies retreat and my “climb up the mountain” if you will. So I sat back, and decided to take it like a woman and be reprimanded.

“You are getting really obsessed with your cell phone. Please stop checking it constantly and pay attention. It’s rude.”

Ouch! That hurt, mostly because I know, deep down it’s true. I swallowed and without having to even formulate my answer I nodded, put down my cell phone and took a gulp of my water.

Wayne, ever the sweet man that he is, could not bear to see me uncomfortable for too long. He graciously changed the subject and proceeded to ask me about some detail of my weekend. I took his cue and smiled, answered his question and moved on.

I love him that he tells me when my irritating habit has gone a little too far and is now bordering on rudeness. I love it that he never makes a big deal about it. I love it that he always gives me a gracious way to move on.

As for me, you will get my full attention when we are at lunch. Cell phone away, I’m all yours baby! oh, and if you need someone to tell you if you have food on your chin, Wayne’s the man for the job.


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