Dear Wayne,

Happy Anniversary Lovey. Twenty years is a pretty big deal. If you knew then what you know now would you have stayed in? As for me, you are the best decision I ever made. I love you for a million reasons, but to celebrate  these last twenty years, here are twenty reasons why  I love you:

1.Leslie Christina Welch

2.Virginia Lee Welch

3.The spring of 2009- hardest days of my life but you never batted an eye. You just picked me up and took care of me. You did for me what I could not do for myself. Those hard days hold the sweetest memories of what love really means.

4.You are my anchor. You bring me back to reality when I am in the whirlwind.

5. Every night you pat me and say, “Oh lovey, I love you.”

6.You gave me the gift of being a Welch.  The sister that you drove to the brink of insanity in your childhood has become my sister, my dearest friend and I love your family, our family. You made the ties of a family run deep in my life. I love you for that.

7. I love the way your top lip curls up when you smile

8. You are the most selfless man I know. I love that you give without thinking. Unlike me, who weighs each sacrifice, you give freely somehow aware that it was never your to begin with.

9. Loyalty. Beyond all sense of reason, you stay with it. When I would have left and moved on, you pulled me back, made me stay, and I’m glad for it.  Still trying to show me what it means to not be a quitter. Thanks.

10. Everyone thinks you are quiet. Ha! You talk my ears off. You make me laugh like no one else. The eternal teaser. Remember Sunday afternoon? I laugh at our jokes forever.

11.I love to listen to you and Ginny. I have always thought of her as “my baby”, but you two are close and I smile when I hear you talking to her about her day, or how ridiculous I am, or the deer that Willow scared away.

12. I love you for eating raw chicken the first time I fried chicken for you, and I love it that you will suggest KFC when we have chicken craving nowdays. All these years you have been easy to feed. Never complaining…except for the whole tofu hotdog thing.

13.Camping. The sweetest memories…..talking by the campfire…..laughing with friends……countless hours reading on the bank while you fished.

14. You always have gone to church with me, even before you shared my faith, and now so much more. You have taught me what a true believer is.  I can be cynical, and you continue to live out authentic faith in front of me.

15. I love it when I come in from a run, up the drive, and you are tinkering in your shop or truck and you look up and say, “How was your run?” a small thing, but all these years later I love it.

16. I love you for being kind and gentle with your dad when he didn’t even know you. When you could have just walked away,  you stayed.

17. I love long road trips where we talk about our cabin in the mountains.

18. You are my friend, the first person I tell my good news to, that last person I say goodnight to. I’d rather be with you than anyone else I know.

19. You never, not one time, have ever said anything about my weight. Not when I was 9 months pregnant, not when I was lean and mean, not ever. Do you know that is a big deal to a woman?

20. I love you because you ARE the prettiest man in Putnam County.

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  1. Ok, I cried! Happy Anniversary, you two!

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