Alive and Active in you

If you have done the Beth Moore Bible study ” Believing God” ( my hands down favorite) you know that one essential part of the study is understanding that as a believer, God’s Word is Alive and Active in you.

From time to time, I will text some of my homegirls first thing in the morning and ask them what God spoke into their spirit. I can’t quite explain what it does to me, but as their texts trickle back in throughout the day,  my heart is warmed.  It is an incredible thought to understand that God is real. He is alive. He is active in my life. In their lives. He speaks. He demands our attention.

This is not make-believe. This is real life, God in action. 

Don’t be so wrapped up in your own “stuff” that you miss the immense blessing of hearing what He is up to in other’s lives.


“…….He’s teaching me to always be on guard (I Peter 5:8)  When I get excited about  God’s goodness and power, Satan ALWAYS attacks.”

“not to give up, keep the faith. It’s not always easy to keep going when life gives you uncertainties, but God tells us to look on Him. Continue in His Word for instruction. How do you know you’re in God’s will without instruction?”

“I am needed…we are all part of the body of Christ….we are all important part of a whole!”

“God is telling me not to be anxious. (She goes on the share some huge trials she was facing this morning.)  She ends by saying…”so I’m praying for God’s wisdom on how to fix this problem. But I’m alive and God is good.”

“Patience. To lean on Him when I don’t understand His plans or His timing.”

To change my attitude! to fight to care about the people around me and not be bitter when things are hectic and others leave me out to dry, trying find deeper peace that is avilable.

” He is giving me a sense of peace after a looooong night going over things in my head.”

“I am learning that I am not tapping into/calling on Jehovah’s immense power! He  is All powerful and He gives that resources to us to things of Him!”

“He is always ALL sufficient. to go gently through my day EXPECTING His care of me and mine. He keeps his promises.”

” He is trying to teach me patience especially this morning! Please pray because my nerves are thin today.”

“Great is God’s purpose and mighty are His works! there is nothing to hard for God!”


Praising God that He is alive and active in the lives of my friends!



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