In my dreams I’m Nancy Grace

I could watch her on HLN for hours. Right now as I type she is busting on some distant relatives of the parents of the missing baby in Kansas City. Folks, quit wasting your time, you will not outalk, or outwit Nancy Grace.

She’s tough as nails with southern charm. She says in that piercing voice, “Sir, Sir, are you trying to tell me that I am stupid?” Of course not Nancy. You are neither stupid nor passive.  Nancy Grace continues her tirade against a defense lawyer and I listen with mouth open, in awe. Direct and to the point, she can cut a defense lawyer to shreds.

It’s Jerry Springer in real life. She  brings  real life drama into your living room and before you know it  you are putting the pieces together and solving the crime. She does it all with her Georgia accent.

Nancy Grace you rock, but sista friend…you gotta do something about that hair.


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