Sunday afternoon

Here I sit in my nest. It’s Sunday afternoon, my favorite part of the week.

It is quiet. Leslie is on her way back to school. Ginny is with her best friend Mary, and I can hear Wayne’s soft snoring from the recliner.  I knit and enjoy the stillness. My heart and mind are full from God’s house this morning.  I sit and think of the secret things whispered between me and God this morning.  It is good to be still and meditate and mull over those sacred things. I hope to keep them close to my heart so that their effect will be seen this week as I live it out.

Sunday morning worship is a feast on the goodness of God.   Our hearts are sated with the fullness of praise. God you reign. It establishes an awareness that everything He does is good.  The true feast comes as we hear the deep treasures from his Word, the living bread. Much like the hunger that draws us to Sunday dinner after this worship, we are drawn to the filling that comes as piece by piece, the preachers breaks it and casts it out. We gobble its goodness and find that it satisfies. Just like a piece of warm bread with the sweetness of honey, I feel an overwhelming satisfaction as it goes down into my soul. Oh God, your goodness is all-encompassing.

And now I relax, stretched out for  a nap. My stomach is filled with a meal from my mother’s table. I enjoy that drowsy feeling that comes as my eyes become heavy. I don’t think of what I need to do, I simply give into the Sunday afternoon nap, let it wash over me.  In the background I hear the quiet hum of the TV, and I let it gently sing me to sleep.

In the same way, the fullness of God’s promises causes me to relax in his care. After my Sunday morning feast, I quiet myself and allow the cares I have carried too long to slide away in the warmth of remembering the Words I just heard from the service.  I hear the chaos of life in the background, but full from His promises, I let it become  a hum in the background.  No need for strategizing or even working today. Today is God’s. I let His love rock me to sleep and I enjoy my Sunday afternoon nap. Fully satisfied. Completely resting.


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