My Nest


When I was a kid, me and my little sister Heather had bunk beds. I liked to be on the top bunk. I would lay up there and write or  read the adventures of Ramona Quimby. When I grew up and went to college, again I chose the top bunk. I loved that feeling of being in my own little world.  In the middle of a crazy life, everyone needs a space that is all their own.

At our house, everyone has a space. You know that space that belongs to you?  There is no name on it, but it is understood in the family that this is Daddy’s chair or Ginny’s bed. Everyone has that spot, except me. That is, until today. It gives me great pleasure to invite you into my little nest. See, Ginger is waiting on you to show you around.  This is a little spot in the corner of the family room. I borrowed my bedside table, and Ginny’s old chair from Goodwill.  She even threw in a matching pillow.  Wayne fixed the lighting for me today.  I put out things I dearly love in my nest.  I have my plate from Kenya, and Bible basket. My Bible basket has all my good stuff in it for quiet time. Check out the picture of my girls. It was the best mothers day present I ever got from Wayne.  My knitting basket is beside the chair.I am in love with this little spot. I can hardly wait to get up in the morning and sip my hot coffee and spend a little time with God before the day gets crazy.  At night this is where I’ll knit or read. Wayne is close by in his recliner watching TV. Ginger will fit just perfect beside me in the chair.

Everyone needs a nest,  a special place that is their own spot. I’m so happy I have mine.


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