Please pass me the Neosynephrine

I am  self-proclaimed whiney baby when I get sick.  It started yesterday with a slight stuffy nose and by this morning, I woke up with snot on my face and my eye matted shut, just keeping it real folks. When I began my recitation of why I felt so bad, Wayne interrupted me to inform me that I, in fact had slept all night because every time he turned over the snoring was incredible. Well, someone was certainly touchy. Poor thing, it must be terrible to ne woken up in the middle of sleep to snoring…..insert saracstic grin…..

Coffee finished what a hot shower began in getting me work ready. With my eyes now clear, but my head still stuffy, I made it to work  by hitting the Neosynephrine once, ok, ok twice on the way in. I admit it, when I get a cold I head straight for the strong stuff. Against current medical advice, and the personal horror stories of half a dozen people, I will use and over use that stuff.

God smiled on my pitiful estate and granted to me a wonderful day.  My dearest friend in all the world was able to talk to me and we shared our hearts and current struggles over some Diet Coke. Aren’t you grateful for those people who love you for you, not what you can do for them?  I love her. So glad we got to send a few minutes together.

My poor coworkers got to listen to , what I like to call a sniffle, but I’m sure is much closer to a snort, followed by a swish, swish of nose spray. I’m glad I sit with my back to them. I’m sure I was grossing them out the entire day. Occasionally I would let out, what I think was a sigh, but probably closer to a groan, which was followed by a , “Stephanie, are you sure you’re OK?” to which I quickly assured them, “Oh yes I’m fine, just a little cold.”  I imagine them rolling their eyes and mouthing to each other…”I wish she would shut up or go home.”

When I finally stumbled in the door, Wayne was waiting on me and asked me how I was feeling. I’m not sure if he actually heard me over the “This Week in NASCAR” blaring from the TV.  In order to escape my second recitation of symptoms for the day, he offered to run to the store and pick up a pizza, God love him, he’s a good man.

After a hot shower, about 15 more sprays of Neosynephrine I decided that I am in fact, perhaps well enough to run in the 10K in the morning. So I am heading towards the bed. I am following my own best nursing advice, no not where I tell you that nose spray is bad for you, the part where I say, “Take a hot bath, but on some warm pajama pants and rub some Vicks on your feet, cover them with socks and get in bed.”  Best cure for a cold. I’ll be as good as new in the morning.


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