Why I love/hate Wednesdays

Love it because it’s not as crazy as a Monday at work. The work rhythm has settled in and I feel like I am in my groove.

Hate it because it’s so far from being Friday…I still have several days to go until the magic Friday I long for all week.

Love it because the family eats at church and for that one day I do not have to plan, cook or clean up in the kitchen.

Hate it because there is literally no time for me to run on a Wednesday.

Love it because I will go to praise team practice and laugh and sing and let the worries of the day wash away in music.

Hate it because I do not see my family until late that night.

Love it because I see my clinic peeps (both volunteers and patients..yes Gale I think they are all so sweet!)

Hate it because I look like I’ve been run over by a truck by the time I’m through with clinic, makeup has been gone, usually sweaty, and hair is just sad.

Love it because I feel like I am really doing ministry when I am in the clinic, you know just straight up, pure ministry.

Hate it because I always find a bigger problem than I have resource for, especially in an indigent clinic.

It’s a love/hate relationship. The trouble with Wednesday, is that it rolls around once a week, whether you are ready or not.


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