Running with my home-girls

If you are gonna do a long run, and I consider anything over five miles a long run, you better take along some company or you will talk yourself into stopping too early.  Tonight, I ran eight miles with two of my favorite running girls, Leah and Tina. Awesome, that’s what it was.

My two running babies. I remember when I encouraged both of them to get started running. I can just barely keep up with Leah these days, and Tina ran her farthest distance tonight.

We wanted to do ten miles, but it got dark, I was very tired, and we settled for eight.  As we stretched out at the end, we all agreed that it was the perfect night for running. We all smiled when I said, “Not many women our age can do what we did.”  They probably were smiling because they are both younger than me, but maybe it was because they know like me, that half the joy of running, is enjoying what you accomplished.

Thanks for the run girls, I would have quit at mile four.


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  1. Megan

    ummm… you consider long to be anything running over 5 miles!! Ah- ha- ahhh…. well guess I thought my little 3 mile, WALK, around campus was long!

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