The Cute Curse

See that sweet thing with her thumb in her mouth? She is a McNabb baby.  My precious niece…she finally found her thumb. It’s in her genes, she has the Cutest Curse ever. A thumb sucking baby……makes me smile.

There is a long line of  thumb suckers in my family.  Me and several of my sisters indulged in this comforting habit. My Ginny-girl was my thumb-sucking baby. As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing sweeter.  So when well-intentioned people gave their unwelcome advice, ranging from, “Start saving for braces now” to “Now there’s a habit that is gonna be hard to break”   I would generally smile and say, “True, but she’s a very happy baby.” 

Thumb suckers are happier. They self comfort quicker and sleep through the night at a 45% higher rate than passy babies.

TS babies tend to adapt to new situations with less stress than passy babies.

TS babies usually have higher test scores than passy babies in elementary school.

Passy babies need braces at the same rate as TS babies. Can we please put that rumor away?

But who cares about percentages and averages? When I see a sweet baby, laying on his mother lap with a soft lovey in his arms and a thumb in his mouth it makes my heart melt. It is the picture of utter contentment. Not a care in the world. I say,  let ’em have their thumbs, they grow up so fast.  On day you will walk by their bedroom door, crack it open and see them sleeping. Instead of the comfort of their thumb, they are put to sleep by the sounds of  a television.  You will trip over gym shoes and dirty clothes as you come close to tuck them in. Instead of chubby fist with tiny thumbs, there are lanky arms with a bundle of random bracelets trailing down to long slender fingers with chipped black polish on the nails. 

And you will sigh, because you realize that when you worried about them sucking their thumb, way back then, you never really had any worries at all.


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