Better late than never

Well, I think Wayne and I are the last parents in America to take their kids to Disney, make that kid, the other one we left in college.  In fact, this might rank right up there with allowing my kids to eat swiss cake rolls and coke for breakfast, along with the colorful language my daughters heard come from my mouth when I thought we had a blow out. (For the record I did not curse, I just used some very expressive wording)

Despite the fact that we never were invited to join “Parent of the Month Club”, I’ve always thought we were no worse off for having missed the fun of Disney. That is, until we went this week.

My annual nursing conference (read cheap vacation) was held in Orlando this last week and we made a nice little get-away out of it. Since Leslie was at college, and heck she would have spent the entire time eating eating and sleeping anyways, we let Ginny play hookey and took Disney by storm.

I’ve always been skeptical of the Disney hoopla. It’s a mouse for crying out loud, but let me say for the record….I found Disney amazing. Let me clarify that we never actually set foot in Disney theme park, but the resort, the grounds and Epcot were awesome.

The down side was seeing all of the young families with little kids absolutely ecstatic. We loved watching little princesses wherever we turned, getting their pictures made with real live Disney Snow Whites.

At one point, I wondered out loud, “Wayne, were we bad parents because we never brought the girls here when they were the age to really enjoy it?”

He didn’t answer me, he was too busy laughing and shoving his daughter up the ramp to ride a death-defying roller coaster.  She was laughing back and assuring me that in fact I would not fall out in the middle of that flip-up there… way up there….. too far up there for any sane human to put themselves.

And so I realized that fun is relative…’s the moment you are in. You don’t compare fun to fun when you are in the moment. you just live in it. You throw your head back and laugh.

But mark my words…I’m taking my grandbabies to Disney!



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