I will not be stressed, I will not be stressed, I will…

It’s been my mantra since about Monday. It’s “one of those weeks”. The kind where I overcommit and underprepare. The kind where I feel like I’m not giving enough to the people who need it the most.  The  kind where I figure out at the end of the workday that I never even took a potty break.

My pal Lauren sums it up this way…”sometimes it’s the little foxes that get you.”  So true Lauren, some days it’s not a crisis that blindsides you. Sometimes it is the simple accumulation of irritations that brings you to your knees….right where you belong.

On my knees I find quiet stillness. On my knees I pour out my complaints before the Lord and He hears. On my knees, He reminds me that He knows I am dust and that I find it overwhelming sometimes. When I’m on my knees I am reminded that we are a moment, He is forever.

And if I stay on my knees, I find that sock, there under the bed, one with blue stripes. I’ve been looking for that everywhere. I get up, sock in hand, ready to get back at it. Bring on Thursday, I will not be stressed. I’ve set some fox traps along the way.


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