Sunday…my mostest favorite!

Today was a stellar day on many levels.

……Sunday school was wonderful. I have to tell you how much I love my Sunday school girls!  I love it when we break down James and they totally get it! Today we literally poured over vs. 18-19 and it was sweet. They didn’t seem to mind that Bro. James was asking alot of us this week, to be quick to listen, slow to speak.

*stellar point of Sunday School : prayer over a girly that needed to have our hands laid on her and lift her up in prayer.

…….Morning worship was well, spectacular. To begin with, we had a visiting drummer who beat the mess out of those drums. I loved every minute of it. We sang “Days of Elijah” , I mean really does it get any better than that?  Apparently it does because Andy brought a Word that was anointed and had my name all over it!  I am going to miss Esther. I have LOVED seeing the parallels of myself in the King, of the Holy Spirit in Mordecai, of the flesh in Haman and of the New nature in Esther. Today was the best however. Today I just sat there and let it all soak into my soul. God in His goodness made a new law through Jesus Christ that superseded the law of sin and death.  Somedays you need to stop, really listen, and ask God to sink it into your very soul exactly what He did  and continues to do for you. Amazing.

…….Rita, my friend came and worshipped with me this morning. She has been such a good friend to me.  We enjoyed lunch, caught up on each others lives and when we parted, I thanked God for her.

……….My afternoon nap was one of those naps that when you wake up you aren’t groggy, but energized. I felt like I could run a marathon so…….

…….I met up with Leah, my friend. I almost called her my work friend, but she’s more than that. She is a dear friend. A sister. A smile in my workday.

We decided to run this afternoon and run we did indeed, 8.17 miles to be exact. (Leah did more if you count her detour when she got lost. That’s what she gets for being faster than me! ) My ankle did great. We both cruised along and felt like we could have done more, but were glad we didn’t.

Then we just sat and talked…about God…about how much He loves us… about what we would like to do for Him if we could just be a little, ok alot, more obedient. I told her about some things God had told me that very morning in church and she smiled. She gets it. He speaks to her too. When you have a friend like that, that loves to talk about the goodness of God, you are blessed.

……..I came home to the sweetest man in the world, made a ham and cheese on wheat and had the best time in the world studying linking verbs. (Let’s see if he catches the grammatical error in the title of this post)

Days like this make me happy. I think about how good God is, and I think about how wretched I am. I think about the law of gravity and the law of aerodynamics (had to be in Connect this am). I think about what God has in store for me this week. I’m ready, because after all, if God is for us, who can be against us?

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