I could but I won’t

On this gorgeous  Saturday afternoon

I could clean and reorganize my closets…but I won’t, instead I will sit here and watch “Barb-B-Q America” with Wayne.

I could fold that load of laundry that has been on my couch since Thursday…but I won’t, instead I will have my fourth cup of coffee

I could wipe down my baseboards that have about an inch of dust on them…but I won’t, instead I will browse ravelry.com in search of the perfect baby afghan for Mr. Carter Brown.

I could clean out the organize that stupid bill drawer that is overflowing with “needs to be shredded” items…but I won’t, instead I will help take a little nap right here on the couch while the Mister snoozes in his recliner.

I could give the dogs a bath and clip their nails…bit I won’t, instead I will rock on my front porch rocker (after my nap), watch them run through the woods, chase squirrels and let Ginger nap on my lap.

I could ask the family what they want for dinner and start supper in a little while….but I won’t, instead I will smile my sweetest smile, and sweet talk Big Daddy into taking me and Ginny girl out to eat tonight.

 When I lay down tonight I won’t say it was a particulary productive day, but I will say it was a good day. No, I will say it was a great, spectacular fall day, and I got everything done I needed to do.


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