Every girl wants to be a princess

Last night, I watched Madison, the daughter of my friend April, before Awanas.  She was decked out in her Cubbies vest and  on her feet were the most dazzling pair of plastic purple princess shoes you have ever seen.  Her tiny toes, complete with bright pink pedicure, came down the end of those slippers and were holding on for dear life. I suspect these one-size-fits-all dress up shoes may have been a wee bit big but that was no worry for this little princess.

I was transported back in time to another princess. She had tons of blond curls and the sweetest smile, that you could occasionally see when she wasn’t sucking her thumb. She was a “princess mommy” she would tell me. Probably because she felt that there was no point in tending to babies if you were not bedecked from head to toe with princess finery. She usually had on a feather boa, plastic jewels, including a crown and plastic click clack heels. Unlike her sissy, who was either spanking or dragging her babies by the hair, this little princess was caring and nurturing.  She would pat them and feed them and whisper “It’s all right little baby.”

The princess days are gone for now at our house. I am quite sure one day, when I have grandgirls, we will once again find ourselves in the middle of feather boas, and crowns again.

For now, these doggy girls are the princesses. 

 Today they both got new collars and while Ginger, my girly-girl posed to show off her new “necklace”, Willow was outside. She was busy chasing birds and horses, in her new pink polka dot necklace. Hey, even tomboys like to dress up.



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