Workin’ 9 to 5

I love my job. I seldom post anything to do with work. I understand the openness of the internet and too many stories about people losing jobs due to a post or Facebook status. In addition, practically everything I do from 8-5 is protected by HIPPA. Oh the stories I could tell………

I remember my first job. I was a waitress and worked my way through college waiting on drunks, families with kids who seemed to spill everything, and cheapos thought $1.00 was a generous tip. I knew without a doubt that this was not the career for me.

Today, I think about the fact that in about two hours I will enter the doors of a clinic and never stop until 5pm. I love it. I will laugh with coworkers that truly seem like family. I love it. I will see countless people who don’t feel well. They will leave, while still sick, at least feeling like someone cared.  I will practice an art that is not for everyone but I happen to be pretty good at, especially if you need a toenail removed! 🙂 I love it.

Of course I have days that make me tired.   I feel impatient, but I really love my job. I make a living doing something that I love. Something that I worked hard to develop the skills to do.

I realized long ago that life is too short to spend in a dead-end job doing something I hated. If I am going to give away the best hours of my day I better be giving it away to something I enjoy surrounded by people who I like to be with.

What about you? Do you love what you do? Think before you answer. What are your alternatives? Better yet, stop complaining about your job and change it. Make it a better place. Or leave. Life is too short. You are never stuck. It’s all about choices and what  you are willing to do to get to the place you want to be. Maybe it’s about changing your life path or just your attitude.


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