Split Second

Split Second: Not even a full click of time, but enough of a moment to change everything.

Enough time to see the red tail lights before impact.

One phone call.

A careless word that turns elation into frustration.

‘I only looked away for a minute.”

Some moments happen so fast but change out life forever.  What begins as an utterly beautiful day can end in tears and the realization that nothing was as it seemed.

Other moments are fully in our control. Those split seconds can change everything.  The potential for anger can be averted. The aftermath of hurt can never be realized when the power of the split second is recognized.

“You did good.”

“I believe in you”

What’s the rush?

In the presence of hurtful and angry words….silence…. listening instead of responding.

Taking the time it takes to look them in the eye and wonder what it feels like from their perspective.

As I learn to “take every thought captive to Christ”,  He teaches me to use the split second. Infuse that second with the fullness of the Holy Spirit and watch the change it makes. Less regrets, more power.

Last night as I drove home, I thought of all that awaited me when I walked through the door: laundry–piles of it, supper—“What’s for dinner?” will be my greeting and the yard–will I walk over knee-high grass…again?

Then in a split second, the Holy Spirit flashed a picture of me laughing at the dinner table with my family. In a split second, I felt a hug around my shoulders and heard, “I love you.”

There is always a split second before you respond that can change everything…let him change your evening…and maybe your entire life.




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