School Days

I’ve been waiting for exactly the right time to tell everyone that my husband is going back to school. I didn’t say anything for a long while because, quite frankly, I wasn’t too sure he would actually go through with it.  As of Thursday, he started his first class, and I am so proud of him.

It all started a few months ago, when I came home and found him in his recliner and asked him how his day went.  Y’all, the Georgia summer heat is brutal and I’m not saying he is getting old….but, there is only so many years you can climb on roofs, install gutters and crawl under houses in 100+ temps.

I nearly fell down when he said,” I’m not saying I’m doing this, but what would I have to do if, and it’s a BIG IF, I wanted to go back to school?”

Wayne NEVER rushes a decision. He thinks every thing through FOREVER, so after the shock wore off, I had him enrolled and ready to go to class before he could change his mind.

So Thursday night was his first class, and now I have two college students in my family.  My nights are now going to be spent reviewing sentence structure, nouns and verbs and proof reading paragraphs.  Makes me so happy I can’t stand it!

Soon there will be two nurses in this house.  After years of him yelling at me about how to hold walls and drive nails I may just have the upper hand.  Soon, we will be swapping stories about blood and guts.  Only problem is, he will know when I am lying about kidney stones and cures for the common cold.  I don’t think my famous line, “Whose the nurse around here anyway?” will work much longer.


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