You say it best, when you say nothing at all

Oh Alison Krauss, I love you and your whispery mountain girl voice. I could listen to you forever, but indeed, this is my favorite song you sing, except maybe “I’m just a ghost in this house.” Now that has to be a classic…..

I am studying a passage in James for Sunday school, and I have walked the path of searching for wisdom, as described in chapter one.  Wisdom….different than knowledge, much deeper than common sense, unobtainable any other way than as a gift from the Father. Free for the asking. Lavished on us with only a request from the Giver of all Gifts.

And so I take Him up on the offer. “Father, would you give me wisdom? I want your insight into my life.”  He answers, in the most unusual way. He tells me to be quiet.

And so this week, I yearn for wisdom and am told to listen, be still, stop strategizing.  Wisdom seeks to understand, not to be understood. Wisdom does not always have to have an answer, but knows the Source of Truth. 

And so in the midst of my search for wisdom this week, I have often found myself thinking, Talk less, listen more.  This song rolls around in my head, “You say it best, when you say nothing at all.”




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