Happy Birthday Baby Sis!



I hope that today is one of your best birthday ever. It should be!  You are living out your dream.  You have always been the baby and I guess for most your life that is how I treated you, like a baby.

When you were little, we dressed you up like a babydoll and all of us mothered you. Probably wasn’t fair that you were stuck with several mothers instead of  sisters to play with you.

By the time you were old enough to  have a real conversation, I was off busy living my own life, having my own babies, and living the crazy hectic life of a young mother, right where you are now.  I am sad that I let those days go by without noticing that you were a wonderful smart young woman. Oh I guess I noticed, but I was always way to busy.

Then one day, you got married, and as you walked down the aisle, I felt a strange tug at my heart. You were all grown up. When did that happen? 

And you have grown up! Now you are a mother….two times over. And you are an amazing mother. I’ve seen you in action. Calm, engaged, in love with two sweet bald peanuts.  You do it well, and my heart is so happy when I see you do it.

So when life moves into a new phase, we learn to let go of the past and embrace the new season. Now more than ever, we are sisters, mothers, and friends. I love you and hope this is your best birthday ever!


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  1. Wonderful post Stephanie. I agree Liz is an amazing mother and wife. I am so happy that God brought her into our family. I can’t imagine our family without her (or Kate and Rose).

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