In Jesus Name

This week a dear friend of mine sent me a text that said, ” I am praying an anointing over you.” Powerful!  I thought alot about that this week. “An Anointing” it seemed to roll around in my mind and reappear like a flashing neon sign every time I opened up my bible study this week.

The night before last, I woke up at 4am. Not necessarily worried, but lots of thoughts running around in my brain. I did something I have not done in a long time, I whispered to God, “If you speak to me, I will listen.”  After about 10 minutes of lying very still, and trying to strain to hear His voice about Wayne’s snoring, He began to speak to me about my daughters, the trials they are facing, things I’m not sure I realized until that night when He told me. I prayed over them and spoke an anointing over them, a blessing, in Jesus name.

Today, I was on the treadmill at the gym, (I promise this all goes together, hang with me). I hate the treadmill. It is boring, and to a ADD woman like me it’s as about as enjoyable as proofreading the dictionary. Today was a 6 miler, and a solid hour on the treadmill, even with a collection of aMark Driscoll sermon, Toby Mac and the complete collection of Air Supply, it can wear on you.  At about mile 4  I felt so tired, I really wanted to jump off and call it a night. I noticed at mile 5, a woman got on the elliptical next to me. She started off like gangbusters then quickly slowed down after about 4 minutes.  Hey I’m not judging her, I admire any big girl who will walk her self into the gym and give that elliptical a whirl, she’s ahead of alot of people.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her repeatedly raise her right hand in the air. Was she signaling for help?  The nurse in me took a good look to see if maybe she was clutching her chest, and when I looked at her I saw her raising both hands and her lips moving. Curious, I took off my earphone and listened.

“In Jesus name, I can do this! In Jesus name I will finish a good work.”

I smiled at her, gave her the thumbs up and put my earphones back in. In Jesus name…..

And I think to myself, “Oh yes sista! I’m right here with you in the battle. In Jesus name I will not get off this treadmill until I am done.”

Three times He teaches me, the battle is fought and won in Jesus name, with His anointing.  From bad days, to children growing up, to learning to hang in when it’s tough, it’s a battle.

Feel free to pray an anointing over me ….I will gladly receive it in Jesus name!


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