I’m not kidding…we hide food in this house

Today was grocery shopping day. Hate it with all my heart. I did Kroger in my lunch hour, hitting their 4 day sale with coupons in tow. I was praying I would not meet anyone that wanted to talk, that all the old ladies had already done their shopping and that Tuesday, Day 3 of the 4 day Sale, was not too picked over.

Lucky for me, I was in and out in an hour and remembered to bring my cold stuff inside the clinic where it sat in the fridge next to vials of blood, and various other bodily fluids. My poor family.

On the way to ChickFilA (SCA spirit night, I’m a  terrible school parent, but always rise to the occasion  when it involves chick fila a ) I was giving Wayne the run down on what his hard-earned money had purchased the family.  I usually make a big ordeal out of telling him every thing I bought, what was on sale, and what coupons I used, ending with a total of dollars saved. Bless his heart. He’s a good man. His eyes gloss over and he nods and says, “Uh huh, that’s good baby.”

Anyways, right in the middle of the rundown, he stopped me right after, “Then I got Little Debbies….” Not just because that is his most favorite treat, but he stopped me to instruct me, ” Make sure you hide those in the closet.”

Does it ever occur to you that your family is just plain nuts?  We hide food from our kids. Let me rephrase that, we hide food from Leslie. I’m totally safe saying this because she is way too cool to read my blog, she’ll never know they are on my top closet shelf next to the TOMS shoebox.

The kid is a human vacuum. Despite her long legs she is a never-ending open mouth that is constantly grazing on the contents of my cabinets. AS I TYPE, she is hanging on the fridge door with that blank stare asking me what she can snack on….UGH!

So in an effort to prevent more than one trip to Kroger a week, we resorted this summer to hiding snacks around the house. Wayne thinks it is a golden idea.

I just smile, little does he know, Ginny has a secret stash of peanut butter granola bars…He reads the blog, so I’m not saying where they are, but Ginny   and I are the only ones who know. You see Leslie is not the only snacker-gone-wild in this family, it’s in her genes. Luckily,Leslie may have inherited his knack for snacks, but Ginny got his sneaky hiding skills.



One thought on “I’m not kidding…we hide food in this house

  1. Trust me, they both get this quality from their father! To this day, whenever he visits my house, he makes a beline for my pantry then frig, just to see what’s in there. He says he’s just curious, but I’ve known him for a few years longer than anyone (except Patricia – because she’s the oldest) and I know how he likes him some little debbies, and oreos, and honey buns, and ice cream, and more little debbies . . . . . . . and so on. Love ya.

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