This morning…….

reassured me that fall will be here one day soon.  The coolness in the air was probably not a  characteristic drop in temperature for the end of August, but compared to the usual muggy thick aired mornings we have endured the last few weeks, it was a welcome change.

 I let the dogs out for their morning routine and they noticed it as well. They jumped and pranced all over the backyard. I knew I would not see Willow for the rest of the morning. A morning like today is best spent romping across the woods down to the creek. Somehow creek water always tastes better than the water in her dish.

As I stand there on the deck watching her disappear in the thick brush I let the early morning breeze ruffle my pajamas and blow through my hair.  I feel like I am the only one in the world awake.  The sun has not come up yet but the big bright moon sheds light all over the yard and up above the silhouette of the oak tree I see the first slivers of sunrise.

I breathe in deep. I smell the beginnings of a new day, damp and fresh.  I sit on the step and wait for the dogs.  I look up in the sky as the sunrise begins to unfurl and stretch across the horizon, chasing the big bright moon to its hiding place.

” God, thanks for watching me while I was sleeping. You are here right now aren’t you? I can feel you.” and I stretch out my hands as if he is a tangible presence, because He is.

“Now God, I don’t have to tell you that in another couple of hours I will be so busy I probably won’t be listening for your voice, so right now, in the quiet, could you whisper to me?”

And He does.  He speaks in the quiet, when I seek him, and as the sun stretches a pink over my backyard tree and the morning breeze dances across my upturned face He whispers back, “Good morning Child, I love you.”


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