Ups and Downs of Yoga

UP: First exercise class I’ve ever been to that my entire being is not saturated in sweat by the end.

Down: My OCD has a really hard time with all the bare feet in one room at the same time.

UP: My hamstrings have never been more limber , my ankle has greatly improved and I feel less achy after long runs.

Down: I keep falling asleep during cool down and I think I may have even snored a little tonight.

Up: I know where my sitting bones are now. Really, how did I make it 42 years and not know about my sitting bones?

Down: The hippie kid next to me, that smells faintly of weed, can crush me on the plank.

Up: I am really enjoying classical western acoustical guitar music

Down: The track of falling rainforest music always makes me need to pee and usually right in the middle of Tree pose.

Up: No one yells “Pain is weakness leaving the body”

Down: I distinctly heard someone pass gas during plow pose.

Up: “Namaste” sounds really cool


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