Life’s a Battlefield

This morning Kay Arthur and I started a new bible study.  I don’t actually know Kay, but I talk to her alot when I do her studies, and seeing how she calls me “Beloved” I feel like we would be BFF’s if she knew me.

“Lord is it Warfare? Teach Me to Stand.” is the name of the study. Tidy, neat, pleasant….I think not. No. This will be a grubby roll in the mud, cry and scream bible study.  The first thing I did was find this passage:

Ephesians is not a book for the faint of heart.  No, after beginning in chapter 6,  I began to have images in my mind of this:

Life really is a battlefield. Satan is a real enemy and he seems to work overtime. to be quite honest, lately I’ve felt like this:


But today God reminded me that the battle is not against flesh and blood. It is a timeless battle. My mother Eve was the first woman to tangle with this enemy…and she lost. It was a bitter defeat.  Now thousands of years later I pick up she left off.  Many women through the ages have battled him. Many have lost while others, properly equipped, have succeeded.  These women have fought valiantly for their families, homes, and at times, their own sanity.

And the wise ones, the ones who knew how to stand and fight in His strength, were successful.  These women, mighty princess warriors,  armed themselves in the power of His might. You see, as His daughters, He fights through us, we wear His strength.

Today He whispers, “Get up. Be strong.” I will fight for you.”  And when I do,  I feel myself energized in his power.  A mighty warrior princess.


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4 responses to “Life’s a Battlefield

  1. Cathryn

    My Sunday School teacher Joy is an area leader for Precept Ministries and goes to Chatanooga to study with Kay and her staff. I consider her my Kay Arthur hook up. She leades studies in her home if you are ever interested.

  2. Jenn

    completely lost the desire to fight anymore or even move… just want to rest w/ Him & hide in His lap. watched too many battles lost standing alone in the crowd trying to do His will and finding it difficult to recognize what He really wants me to battle for… thankful for this glimpse into what I know to be possible with God, prayers for the courage to stand again. much love for sharing.

  3. Lisa

    Thanks for these wonderful words of encouragement! All day long I have wanted to quit, lay down the weapons, walk away . . . .many reasons for this, parenting being on the top of the list! Being married to a pastor ranks right up there too! So, Xena warrior princess, thank you for your insights! 🙂

  4. Sally

    Lately, I have been so overwhelmed, I consider “giving up the fight” and just staying in bed with my head under the covers….then I remember what the alternative would be: life on the fringe; life lived outside God’s will; making satan happy; being a poor example; and maybe worst of all would be not having that close wlak with my wonderful Savior. And I also remember what God spoke to my heart about a month ago: the battle isn’t mine at all. The battle is the Lord’s. So yes, we are warrior princesses..with a mightly God leading the charge!

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