The Good Wife

Most people who know us wonder how in the world Wayne snagged someone like me.  I say that in a general sense, because  the actual thought process of most people is more along the lines of… in the world does he put up with her?

There were never two more opposites in the world, and in the early years, I tried very hard to be The Good Wife. I read books, listened to  conferences and took many a class on marriage.  In the middle of probably the fourth class on marriage on the lesson of The Good Wife I walked out.  I was eternally frustrated at my poor attempts to be The Good Wife. I tried hard not to talk back and be so sassy.  I wanted to feed my man delicious home cooked meals every night. I tried to greet him at the door with fresh makeup and gleaming floors. It never lasted long.

Twenty years later, I’ve learned how to be The Good Wife. I’m not always that woman, but I know how to be her when I try. It’s really about just loving, and listening. It’s about being on the same team.  It’s about laughing at our private jokes.  It’s about knowing when to talk, and when to let him alone. Being The Good Wife means every once in a while, when your sweet man has had an especially stressful week… and even worse day… love him with some peach cobbler… and ice cream…..

But only when he’s really stressed… The Good Wife knows how easily a man can be spoiled.


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