When you are a country cat…..

…………you learn to deal with the never-ending-Georgia-summertime-flea problem.

………..you spend your days deep in the woods where it’s cool, drink from the creek and wait until dusk to come back up to the house. By that time the scorching heat is gone and the deck is bearable.

………..you know how to romance the lady cats………thereby making you the father of many kitties.

………..You allow the dog, the one they treat like a princess, to bark at you.  You know you can take her down if need be with one swipe of the paw upside her head. But the big guy, and the nice lady who feeds you, well they like that dog for some reason and you know better than to upset the food train.

……..you love for the Ginny girl to come outside. She always stops and rubs your tummy. She talks you in a sweet voice and scratches your ears. She doesn’t care if your head is a little beat up, she loves you anyways.

……..you can trap a mouse in about 3 minutes flat.  Snakes take a little bit longer, they are trickier, but you know it ‘s as much to take care of the people family as it is for your enjoyment. Especially the lady. She loves it. She brags in that nice voice and gives a little extra food when she sees the spoils of the hunt on her deck. She knows you do your job well.

………..you know there is no better life.  You have no idea what money is nor do you care. You live for today.  You are tough, and the people family? They are lucky to have you, even if they don’t realize it……except for the Ginny girl, she knows.

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