The love of a good dog

If you have never experienced the love of a good dog, I feel sorry for you.  As I sit and type this post, Willow is laying beside me on the back of this chair. Her chin rests on my shoulder and every now and then her huge pink tongue reaches over and gives me a lick on the right ear. She just wants to remind me there is no where else she would rather be.

A dog will sit beside you when you’re sad and just be there. She doesn’t offer useless stupid advice, or say “I told you so.” she just stays very close, sensing your sadness and every once in a while offers you a gentle lick on the hand for support. She doesn’t care who’s right or wrong she just loves you.

When you lose your temper and yell at her, she may pout for a minute but never holds a grudge. As soon as you smile, all is forgotten, and you are friends again.

No one can enjoy a few licks of ice cream like your dog. She waits patiently watching Daddy eat his black raspberry ice cream. She knows if she is very still and doesn’t jump up he will give her the last few licks, and for a dog, that  sweet goodness is well worth the wait.

So I learn to forgive chewed shoes (at last count it was 4 pairs of flip flops) chewed couches, and the occasional trash can knocked over.  I have learned to look the other way when there are deer bones and half eaten squirrels drug up in my back yard.  I try to beg forgiveness of visitors when my dogs  jump up with red muddy paws on fresh pressed clothes.

I do this because they are worth it. I love them and they love me.  They say all dogs go to heaven, and if you are me and Randy Alcorn you believe that is true. 


2 thoughts on “The love of a good dog

  1. Oh gosh, you did it again! I love my bad bad dog Maggie – love her like she’s not bad at all. And I miss Millie every day. Thanks Steph. You do have a way to turn a phrase.

  2. Oh girl…you KNOW I’m with you on that. I’ll go you one more: rescued dogs love you like there is no one else in the world. It may take a little “re-alligning” their thinking (no hunger, no fear, no rejection) but when they finally understand, you literally have a friend for life. They are absolutly loyal and loving companions for as long as they live. Who could ask for more?

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