Saturday morning thanks

Something wakes me and it takes me a moment to orient myself.  Sunlight is streaming in through the east window and I take a few deep breaths and lay back.

Oh yeah, it’s Saturday, no need to jump up I can lay here a few extra minutes. I glance at the clock and realize it’s 8am. Wayne is will be glad he has slept past 6:30. This is the first time all week. Early mornings have been his routine all week as he tries to get it all in before the midafternoon sun makes any kind of work unbearable. But today, there is no work, only rest.

I test my ankle. It feels good at this moment and I began to mentally plan my run. There are so few days that I can stretch out here and take in a few more minutes of nothingness and I already know I will run late this evening.  With that decided, I realize that what woke me was the good morning licks on my right foot by my dog Ginger.  She is patiently reminding me that she has an urgent need to relieve herself and then sniff every stick, bush and flower in the yard. She won’t be patient for long and as soon as she realizes I am awake, she is urging me up with her whine and cold wet nose on my face.

We hear Willow at the door, She has heard us, she will not tolerate the locked door much longer and I am up and letting them out for their morning routine.

Coffee is on and it’s rich deep scent starts to clear my foggy brain.  My oatmeal and raisins are ready and I ask Wayne, who has just shuffled out of the world of sleepiness, what he wants to eat. 

We sit on the  porch, rocking and eating our breakfast.  There are too few of these types of mornings.  The sun is making its way into the sky and promises to scorch us in a  few hours. But for now, there is a slight breeze and the sunlight streams through the branches of the tree and kisses us gently.

We watch the squirrel in the branch above us. He has found breakfast and is making his way to a safe high spot to enjoy it.  God has laid out morning food for the birds and we hear them singing their thanks as they stretch themselves and begin to fly higher.

And I am thankful too.  The whole day unfolds before me.  I will run errands with the one I love most in this world. Two girls sleep inside. They have been up late enjoying the last remnants of the summer and will no doubt stay in bed until this afternoon.  Later this evening, I will run. It will be hot but I will run 5 miles.  I am getting stronger everyday.

And my Friend, He will share the day with me. Never too far from me. He is the one, after all, who does all this. He makes the sun shine, gives good gifts, perfect gifts.  Thank you Father of Lights.



One thought on “Saturday morning thanks

  1. I love the recount of your morning! It was so eloquently written. I can imagine you and Wayne sitting on the porch. And I wish I could sleep all day like Ginny and Leslie! 🙂 and He is good to give us all of This to enjoy!

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